For this service we look at the architectural plans you have had approved, or are seeking approval for, from an interior design, spatial and modern living point of view.
How do you and your family live?
How do you entertain?
Aside from the aesthetic, how would you like your home to work for you?
These are some of the questions we would consider when deciding on whether key parts of the design are in the right place, or have enough circulation space.
Very often 'fresh eyes' identify improvements to the design that can be made before the contractors are on-site.
We can work alongside your architect and engineers to quickly establish the best possible design.
Architectural interior design encompasses all the bespoke 'fixed' items within a home namely the lighting, kitchen, bathrooms, flooring, staircase, doors, ironmongery, cornice, architrave, skirting, sockets, switches and so on.
Please let us know more details about your requirements within this service.